A Beginners Guide To Getting Muscle

Weight Training For Beginners

Beginning weight training for the first time can be both challenging and satisfying. The challenges you will face will be new and you will learn to become a better lifter. After you have overcome your challenges, the progress you begin to see on your body will give you satisfaction to continue! Understanding how certain machines and exercises work is very important in avoiding injuries – and trust me you don’t want to get injured through your training because it will set your motivation level back. Once you have gotten the hang of training and using exercises and machines safely than you can begin to develop an understanding of how much weight you can handle on your lifts. Never Fear Failure Bodybuilding has various sections giving you free meal plans and workout routines. Check out “Free Bodybuilding Workout Routine”. As a beginner you need to concentrate on building strength because the stronger you get the more muscle mass your body will need to support the weight. Utilizing core compound exercises in your routine will ensure that your overall body will grow and get stronger.


These are only just a few exercise you should be adding to your weight training routine. Keep in mind while you are training to use high tempo training and wait up to a minute because engaging in your next set. Your training should be kept to an hour at the most because your body starts to releasing a hormone that eats muscle. Always remember to warm up before you start because this will lower the risk of getting an injury (A total of 5 to 10 minutes on the exercise bike or 5 to 10 mins stretching).

Weight Training For Beginners Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition you really need to understand what foods work better than others. You won’t build muscle at the speed you want if your diet is garbage. Food that you used to eat needs to be replaced with good clean calories such as fish, red meat, fruit and veg, brown pasta and rice, nuts, eggs, milk, potatoes (these are only a few of the foods you should be eating) See “High Protein Food For Building Muscle And Losing Fat”. You need to be eating around five to six meals a day consisting of good clean food sources. This may sound boring but this is were the dedication aspect comes in, you have to make the sacrifice for the results.

Weight Training For Beginners Supplements

Supplements can play an important role in building muscle. If you are a beginner you shouldn’t really need to be spending money on supplements. You should be able to get great results with a good diet and exercise routine. If you have been training for 6 months and find your plateauing than maybe adding in a few supplements is a good choice. But don’t get sucked into buying every new protein powder that comes on the market. The majority of them are over-hyped junk. See “The Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements” to get an idea of what are good choices if you want to buy supplements.

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