New Oreo Churros! A Bodybuilders Dream Come True!

If your not a fan of Oreo cookies than click the back button on your browser right now. The creation of the new oreo churros is a bodybuilders dream come true. What happens when you combine one of the world’s favorite cookies with a fried-dough treat so delicious the mere though of eating one will make you drool? The answer is the biggest foodgasm on the planet.

Well it’s time to rejoice bodybuilders and fitness fanatics because some genius has created perhaps the best sugary cheat food around. This is of course the new Oreo Churros…


If you thinking of going off your diet plan for a cheat meal make sure to try these! But unfortunately only our American bodybuilding cousins will be lucky enough to get their arms on these delicious sugary sticks nationwide. If you’ve already put your gym bag down and are heading out the door to go and indulge in one of the little boxes of heaven, then you should know that they can be located in the frozen section…just across from the chicken.

Each and every one of the 10-inch delicious tubes are oozing with that classic cream filling we know and love. Fingers crossed they make it across the pond sometime soon because my life feels somewhat incomplete without this glorious mash-up in it.

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