High Volume Training Could Reduce Gains For Natural Lifters

High Volume Training Could Reduce Gains

High Volume Training Could Reduce Gains For Natural Lifters.

In this post we will talk about how high volume training could reduce gains in natural bodybuilders.

Jason Blaha runs a YouTube channel called Juggernaut fitness.

He constantly posts interesting videos on topics in bodybuilding and fitness.

In one of his most recent videos, Jason talks about how high volume training can in some cases actually reduce gains for natural lifters.

As you probably know everyone has a different body and respond to differently to training.

Natural athletes tend to have a slower recover time after training. Where athletes using performance enhancing drugs have a faster recovery time.

If a natural athlete continuously puts their body under high volume training  it can be hard for the body to catch up with recovery.

This ultimately slows down the overall process of protein synthesis which is very important in rebuilding and repairing broken down muscle fibers.

See the video below where Jason get’s into more detail about the subject:

You can checkout more of Jason’s video’s on his YouTube Channel by “Clicking Here”

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