Classic Physique Division

Classic Physique Division – Why It’s A Good Thing

Classic Physique Division – Why It’s A Good Thing!

The new Classic Physique Division is something that has been under discussion among competitors, media analysts, and judges throughout the NPC and IFBB Professional League. With the increase of Men’s Physique competitors, and declining field of Bodybuilders at regional / national level shows, the discussion of a new division has been on the way. Lots of the competitors in the Physique division have made comments that they did not want to be as ‘big’ as the requirements would have them to become a Professional Bodybuilder.

While some of the Bodybuilders who compete in the smaller weight classes trying to reach pro status, have a long road ahead of them in regards to becoming competitive at the professional level due to there only being two divisions available. This is the area the new Classic Physique division is looking to fill. The Classic Physique Division is looking for athletes who have small waist and taper similar to Men’s Physique competitors but merges it with elements within bodybuilding. You don’t have to very muscular dense either. The best part about this division is they are making you show off your legs!

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What the new Classic Physique Division  brings to the sport of competitive bodybuilding is what is needed to expand and grow this industry. This division decrease the number of Men’s Physique competitors and takes the bodybuilders who struggle to gain the size needed to place well, and combines them into one single division. The only difference being instead of board shorts or posing trunks the athletes will wear more of a Mixed Martial Arts style of trunks while on stage. These trunks allow a competitor to show their legs but not their glutes as the bodybuilders do.

With this new division on the rise in the upcoming year we will see a new array of athletes handed their IFBB Pro Card for the new division alongside a first time ever Classic Physique Division Mr. Olympia. The first Classic Physique division competitions will take place starting next year.

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