Check These 8 Signs Off If Your A Serious Lifter

Check These 8 Signs Off If Your A Serious Lifter

Check These 8 Signs Off If Your A Serious Lifter

Lifting is a lifestyle and it can quickly take over your routine. If you train every day eat according to your body’s needs than it becomes a part of your life. However some people go to the gym to socialize rather than train. So here are 8 signs to determine if you’re a serious lifter. If you check off more than 4 signs on this list than you are considered a serious lifter.

You Have Thick Callus’s On Your Hands

If you squat, bench press, and even dead lift every week, than you’re bound to have deep thick callus’s on your hands. If you have callus’s on your hands than you have experience with lifting iron and your on your way to be considered a serious lifter. So check this one off your list if you have or are starting to develop callus’s on your hands.

You Have a Shelf Dedicated To Your Supplements

If you have been training for more than a year, than you must have a pretty good knowledge of supplements and how they can affect your diet and training in positive ways. If you have an arsenal of supplements than you probably have a shelf in your house dedicated to where they are always kept. So check this one off your list if you keep your supplements stacked away.

You Never Miss Your Anabolic Window

If you are a die-hard over making sure you never miss your anabolic window you can definitely mark yourself down as a serious lifter. Your anabolic window is a time frame were once you have finished your training you have a short period of time (roughly 10 mins) to get in a protein shake or meal so you don’t go catabolic.

You Have A Lot Of Gym Accessories

If you carry a lot of gym accessories in your gym bag such as weight lifting belt, wrist straps, chalk, knee raps, headphones (can’t forget those) and even resistance bands. Than you have a pretty good understanding of exercises and how the body responds in the gym. Check this off if you have any of the items listed above.

You Always Find The Best Lighting In The Gym

If you’re an Instagram user or love to update your Facebook display photo frequently, than you probably know where the best lighting is in your gym. Check this off if you take pictures at the gym in the same location.

You Always Space Your Meals Two And A Half Hours Apart From One Another

If you checked off the “You Never Miss Your Anabolic Window” on the list than I’m sure you can check this one off as well. Following a diet plan were you space your meals out over time increments can be tough and it can really separate the dedicated lifters from the average ones.

You Never Skip Leg Day

The golden rule is if you are a serious lifter than you never skip leg training. Leg training is very important because it not only boosts up all of your other muscle groups but it keeps your body proportionate, and bodybuilders know how important proportion is when they hit the stage. So check this off of your list if you train legs once or even twice a week!

You Know Exactly What Your Favorite Pre-Workout Is

Pre-workouts are designed to enhance your energy level during a workout. If you’ve tried tons of different branded pre-workouts than you know some work better than others. Check this off of your list if you’ve chosen a specific pre-workout that has given you great workouts and has hooked your taste buds.

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