best way to cut and lose body-fat

Best Way To Cut And Lose Body-fat!

Best Way To Cut And Lose Body-fat!

A lot of people struggle with losing body-fat because it takes a lot of dedication and hard work -- And some people just don’t have the time or determination.

Athletes who compete in bodybuilding are use to the constant struggles with dieting because they do it so much.

In order to properly lose body-fat you need to lower your calorie intake in order to create a calorie deficiency rather than a calories surplus.

This will cause your body to utilize excess energy from stored body-fat cells.

However while constructing your diet for cutting body fat keep in mind that you still need to have your protein intake as high as it was prior to your cut or even higher.

This is important because it will help reserve muscle mass.

Taking out or lessening your carbohydrate intake is extremely important because carbs are a calorie dense food and if they aren’t used as energy by the body during the metabolism process they get stored as fat.

This is what most people have a hard time with “cutting carbs out of their diets”, but there are a lot of different foods to substitute carbs with.

Vegetables are a great source of nutrition and they are very low in calories.

Vegetables will help keep you full if you eat them frequently with your protein meals.

Great vegetables you can use are spaghetti squash, green beans, salad’s, and even broccoli.

See the Hodge Twins explain in more detail what it takes to lose body-fat below:

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