6 Types Of Unique Workout Equipment

6 Types Of Unique Workout Equipment!

Here is a post to give you guys a few ideas on some equipment that will give your workouts more variety. If you don’t have any of the equipment listed below don’t worry because most of the time gyms will have this equipment or they area cheap to purchase. If most of you have been training for a while sometimes your workouts can get boring and it can almost feel like your going through the movements rather than focusing on your training. If you switch up your workout routine every once in a while than it can really spice things up again. For most people – adding in a new exercise into their routine is enough to get their mind set back. So below he have listed six unique kinds of workout equipment that are beneficial in breaking plateaus and building muscle.

1. Big tires.

If you can find a big tire at your gym than your in luck! Most gyms usually keep them outside. If you utilize the tire in flips, throws, or even using a sledge hammer to hit off of them, this will add an element to your workout your body is not use to. Tire exercises ranging from flips and pulls work a combination of muscles rather than isolated machine movements. If you happen to find a big tire at your gym take advantage of its benefits.


2. Strongman log.

Using a strongman log will make you feel incredibly strong and powerful! Strongman logs help to build massive size and strength on your shoulders. Again when you use a strongman log you are working more than one muscle within the deltoid. These muscles are key area’s of focus because you don’t normally use when you are doing machine training.


3. Battle ropes.

Battle ropes are a great tool to add to your workouts to build up your endurance! They improve shoulder mobility and strength and after only a few minutes of using heavy ropes you will be sweating.


4. Gymnast rings.

Using gymnast rings in your workouts will increase your body’s strength! Gymnast rings improve your strength because while engaging in an exercise with them your whole body is put to work. Your body uses muscles for stability as well as strength. This equipment will not only get your stronger but help you to achieve a very ripped core and back. It’s definitely worth trying out!


5. Weight sled.

Most hardcore gyms use weight sleds instead of the typical cardio equipment. Pulling one of these bad boys will burn a lot of calories and build up a lot of leg strength. If you can turn a cardio session into a muscle building cardio session, you need to add weighted sled pulls!


6. Resistance bands.

Using resistance bands is a great way to trick your body into lifting heavier weight.  You can attach resistance bands to barbells for squats and bench pressing to increase strength output for even more muscle gains. Tricking your body’s nervous system with resistance band will force your muscles to grow in order to combat the weight again another time. After using them once for an exercise you will feel a lot more sore the following day as they work the muscles harder than normal also causing you to fatigue faster. If you think these are for betas, you never tried doing curls with the really thick bands.

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What unique pieces of gym equipment have you guys used? What would you add to this list?

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