4 Reasons Why Your Not Building The Muscle You Want

Here are 4 good reasons why your probably not putting on the muscle mass you want.

1. You aren’t doing the proper exercises and going out of your comfort zone.

The main compound exercises – squats, deadlifts, shoulder press, and bench press. YOU MUST DO THEM. I can’t stress enough how important these movements are in producing the quality muscle and density you want. Learn how to do these movements properly and I f you don’t feel out of your comfort zone doing any of the main movements listed above than your not doing them hard enough. There are guys puking after a hardcore squat session while you’re standing there doing bicep curls and b*tching about how your not getting the results you want.

2. You don’t train enough

People will say “don’t overtrain because you will actually set yourself back”. This only applies if you are excessively train large muscle groups togethor for countless hours of the day and your not eating enough nutrition to help your body recover and grow. One of the most effective training splits are 3 days on 1 day off. Meaning that in 3 days you train all your muscle groups combining like muscle togethor and Rest for one day. Then repeat it all over again! Yes and that means sometimes you have to train legs twice a week.

3. Your not training hard enough

Don’t be one of those lifters who repeatedly talks to a few friends for minutes and minutes on end between sets. This isn’t going to boost any of your progress and it will just make your workout take longer than it needs to be. If your a bodybuilder or a dedicated athlete wanting to build muscle than your not at the gym to talk. Your there to build muscle.

4. Your diet sucks

If you have have the first 3 reasons listed above in check and you still aren’t producing muscle mass the way you want, than your diet probably isn’t that great. This I cannot stress enough! If you’re struggling to eat more try drinking a bodybuilding shake after every meal. Or check the meal plan section here on our site!

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