Which Fat Burners Work

Which Fat Burners Work?

Which Fat Burner Supplements Work?

Most people struggle with sticking to a diet in order to lose weight and drop their body-fat.

This struggle pushes people to look for a faster alternative and one of those alternatives is fat burning supplements.

Fat burning supplement company’s always promise weight lose and appetite suppression.

These company’s also claim that their products boost your metabolism and give you more energy.

Sometimes they even goes as far as saying that while on their fat burners you can eat anything you want because it increases your metabolism making your body’s ability to convert foods into energy stronger. Sometimes this isn’t usually the case and it’s mostly a marketing pick up line.

So do they really work?

Well most fat burning supplements contain ingredients like HCA, ephedra, chitosan and pyruvate.

All of these ingredients are meant to increase your metabolism as well as curb your appetite and hunger. We will go through them and give you our recommendation as to which one is more effective and worth your money if fat loss and weight lose is what you want.

HCA Garcinia Cambogia

HCA also known as Garcinia Cambogia works in too ways to promote weight loss. Firstly is suppresses your appetite and secondly it stop your body’s process of creating fat storage through an inhibiting an enzyme called citrate lyase. HCA supplements do work in burning fat and loosing but only if you are on a stable diet according to a study done on obese patients who lost four pounds each month.


Ephedrine ECA Stack

Ephedra or Ephedrine is herbal product used in treating respiratory conditions such as asthma and nasal congestion. It can also be used as a fat burner in conjunction with caffeine called and EC stack to stimulate the nervous system, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. The ECA stack is using ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin in conjunction with one another in order to lose weight. This is one of the more popular and effective fat burning supplements, because of its appetite suppressing abilities as well. In conjunction with a stable diet you will turn your body into a fat burning furnace. See www.life-enhancement.com for more details on EC and ECA stacks and their effectiveness.


Chitosan Supplementation

Chitosan is a sugar extracted from the outer skeleton of shellfish. It is a fibrous substance that is might block the absorption of dietary fat and cholesterol within the body. Again this is another one of those fat burners that would be more effective in conjunction with a stable diet. For more on chitosan see “Does Chitosan Really Work?


Pyruvate Supplementation

Pyruvate is another  fat burner ingredient that may contribute to weight loss by increasing the body’s ability to break down fat. It’s not as popular as the other one’s but can also be effective and boost fat loss if the right diet is in place. See “pyruvate-weight-loss study” for more information on the effectiveness of pyruvate.



After reading up on each different ingredient listed here the Ephedrine ECA Stack is the most effective at fat burning, appetite suppressant and energy increase. It’s really low cost and the ingredients of and ECA stack can be purchased separately. Some supplement stores sell ephedrine in separate 50, 8mg packs near or around caffeine pill supplements as some areas it is illegal to sell them in combination. Here is a great link of before and after results on an ECA stack “eca-stack-before-and-after”.

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