The Top 5 Natural Bodybuilders In The World

The Top 5 Natural Bodybuilders In The World!

It is obvious that steroids are in the sport of bodybuilding and also exist across other sports as well. But that doesn’t┬ámean everyone who competes in the┬ásport uses them. A so called “Natural Athlete” is an athlete who has not used performance enhancing drugs to better their physique. These performance enhancing drugs are known as steroids. But when it comes down to supplements such as creatine or pre-workouts which can also enhance your performance to some degree – but not as much as steroids. What is the line between being a natural athlete and not being a natural athlete?

Some athletes who compete in natural competitions do so to prove that they achieved their physique drug free – or can self proclaim that their body’s are natural. Below is a YouTube video by generation iron where Bikini Competitor Krystal Lavenne breaks down the top 5 drug free athletes or so they say…

Do you think the athletes they listed off in this video are natural? Explain what you think in the comment section below.

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