The Long-Term Effects of Drug Free Bodybuilding

The Long-Term Effects of Drug Free Bodybuilding!

Natural bodybuilding is training to change your physique and strength over the course of time. Most athletes engage in natural bodybuilding because it provides them with an exhilarating and satisfying feeling of accomplishment when they see progress. However the changes you make to your body can be both beneficial and harmful in the long run.

Lean Muscle Development

Over the course of time bodybuilding changes your physique and your body becomes stronger and leaner through consistent resistance training in the gym. This change is a positive effect on your short-term health because your keeping you body active. As you get older your muscle mass and strength may decline, this usually begins around the age of 50. Muscular decline starts with a loss of 1 to 1.5 percent each year and after the age of 70 this loss increases to 3 percent each year.

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Over-training Injuries

Weight training puts a significant amount of strain on the joints in the body. Training to promote hypertrophy especially increases the likelihood of over training injuries. Make sure you lift with proper form and weight can help you avoid training related injuries. Training smart will save your joints and keep your training optimal as you get older.

Heart Health

Natural bodybuilding could possibly be a risk to your cardiac health due to the intensity of the sport. A study conducted in 2006 explained that lifting more than half of your body-weight could potentially put your heart at risk in the distant future. For more on this study see Weightlifting Death Risk.

Bone Density

Resistance based training can stimulate your body to increase bone density. This is because weight training puts strain on your bones and your body reacts by adapting and making your bones stronger. As you age your bones become more brittle and susceptible to fracture. Increasing your bone density enough can reduce the amount of bone loss with aging. Those who continue to training throughout the again process will see a greater reduction of bone loss.

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