Protein Beer

PROTEIN BEER is on it’s way!

PROTEIN BEER is on it’s way!

This is Brewtein


As most of you already know drinking a six-pack of beer doesn’t lead to six-pack abs. But one man is hoping to change that and his name is Blake Konrardy. Blake Konrardy being a beer lover, workout enthusiast, and big dreamer is attempting to launch a line of “fitness beers.” According to Konrardy’s Kickstarter page, he is raising money to make two protein-fortified beers, known as Brewtein and and NutriBeer respectively, through his company Supplemental Brewing.


Brewtein comes with seven grams of whey protein and has “greater protein content than any other beer in existence.” It is an American wheat ale and is five percent alcohol by volume. NutriBeer, which is a light lager, is a “low carb beer” made for those seeking to limit their calorie intake. It features four grams of protein and is four percent alcohol by volume.

You can check out Konrardy’s Kickstarter page by clicking here and get yourself some cool stuff while supporting the idea at the same time!

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