How To Enjoy A Thanksgiving Feast Without Putting On The Pounds

If you are trying to pack on the mass, than maybe you don’t mind the extra layer. But if you are trying to lose weight and lean down than you might want to find out a few extra dieting tips to make up for that holiday binge. An average thanksgiving dinner has over 2,000 calories which can be great to up your calorie intake if your bulking and trying to building mass. But if you are dieting …. 2,000 calories can be an entire day’s worth of eating in a single sitting.

Thanksgiving is here and it’s important to enjoy the holiday without setting yourself back from all the hard work in the gym. Your friends and family may have no dietary or fitness standards but we’ve got your back!

Here are some eating tips when it comes to that delicious holiday dinner!

#1 Don’t Starve yourself all day for that one large meal with your family

When you skip meals your metabolism slows down, so that when you end up eating that giant meal at the end of the day – more of the calories will be stored than burned. We suggest that you should start your day off as usual and eat your meals leading up to the dinner, most likely if you keep your daily meals on track you won’t be as hungry when it comes to the bigger dinner. If you are training that day, try to squeeze in a cardio session after your weight training.


#2 Load up on meats and vegetables

When your putting your plate together, make sure to fill it with lots of vegetables and meats. Eating less carbohydrates and higher fat foods will spare you the body fat in the end because foods such as mashed potatoes are usually mixed with butter and milk making them calorie dense. If you really want to go into specifics than try to go skinless with the turkey – as the light meat on turkey with no skin is 157 calories. While roasted turkey with skin has 208 calories. Remember there is nothing wrong with saying you don’t want any!

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#3 Drink more water and less alcohol & cranberry juice

Drinking more water will ensure you stay hydrated and will also flush out excess sodium you may be eating with your meal. Alcohol is high in empty calories and will actually make you dehydrated if you drink too much. If you are going to have a drink – have red wine as it has antioxidants in it.

#4 Begin with a salad first

If you start by eating a salad than you will fill yourself up a little more with something nutritious and low in carbs. If you can, try to stay away from the creamy dressings and toppings as your salad could turn from a low carb/calorie meal to a high carb and fat meal.


#5 After the meal

Do something active – maybe go for a walk with some of your family members, or play a game! If there are little children running around than there is an opportunity from some exercise.

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