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If You Gave Up Sugar For Good, What Would Happen?

If You Gave Up Sugar For Good, What Would Happen?

Sugar can be considered a poison to the body and can cause serious health complications down the road.

Consuming too much of something if never good for the body especially when it comes to sugar.

In this article we are going to show you five things that will happen to you and your body when you give up sugar for good!

See below:

1. Your heart will get stronger / you’ll live longer and be able to lift more

Too much sugar in your diet can increase your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.

A study conducted found that people who had 17 to 21 percent of their calories from added sugar were at a 38 percent high risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease.

For more one what sugar can do to your heart see “Added Sugars Add to Your Risk of Dying from Heart Disease”

2. You’ll be less spotty / no more disgusting zits

When you eat sugary foods, your body will naturally spike your blood sugar.

This is due to an increase in the hormone called insulin.

When insulin is cranked up –  your body increases the production of skin oils which contributes to the clogging of follicles.

3. You’ll feel happier / be able to put in more workouts

After an insulin spike happens you will feel a crash and your energy levels will plummet making you feel sluggish and tired.

A sugar crash is similar to the crash after caffeine has taken its effect in your body.

4. You’ll nap less and sleep at night better / good sleep better recovery

If you cut your sugar intake out or lower it greatly you won’t have to deal with the sugar crash mentioned above allowing you to get a full nights sleep.

If you eat sugar too close to bed the increase in insulin and blood sugar will make you restless – give you bad dreams.

5. You’ll lose weight / you’ll get shredded faster

Sugar contributes to body fat because of the spike in insulin it produces.

When insulin is spiked it increases the chances of body storing fat.

If you want to read more on insulin spiking see “Insulin Spiking” which talks about how insulin can be used as a tool in muscle recovery and growth.

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