Calum Von Moger

How Calum Von Moger Makes His Meals

How Calum Von Moger Makes His Meals!

Calum Von Moger is an Austrian 3x Mr. Universe bodybuilding winner.

Some people say Calum is the present day Arnold Schwarzenegger or Arnold 2.0 because he was crowned Mr. Universe at the age of only 25.

If you want to read more about why Calum is consider the next Arnold Schwarzenegger see the article “Meet the Australian bodybuilder dubbed ‘Schwarzenegger 2.0’ who has just been crowned Mr Universe at just 25

We have linked a video int he post where Calum heads straight to the kitchen to prepare his food for the next two days.

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He shares some of his tips on how he preps his food during a contest prep. Calum measures his food out through a small scale when he puts his meals together and explains why it is important to do that. One of his meals consists of 9oz of ground beef and 7oz of sweet potato and another with 8oz of chicken and 7oz of ground beef.

Calum is consistent with his meals making sure everything is measured properly because as he points out in the video if you eat too much than your body will have a hard time digesting all of the food. Watch the video below to see how Calum Von Moger make his meals.

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