5 Myths Of Weightlifting

5 Myths Of Weightlifting

5 Myths Of Weightlifting

There is lots of information of over the web shared back and forth about training tips and techniques that may or may not be true. This creates conflicts between what a person should believe about weight training and it can become hard to separated what is true and what is not. Read below for the top 5 most common muscle myths about weight-training and what is really true.

Lifting Heavy Weights Is The Only Way To See Results

Lifting lighter weights for more reps can be just as effective at building muscle as lifting heavy weights for fewer reps. You always want to lift weight to the point of fatiguing because this stimulates the muscle fibers to grow. Body-weight exercises are very effective at building muscle because they allow a natural range of motion. Sometimes training with heavy weights is not always the answer. The truth is to mix heavy weights, light weights and body weight exercises together to get the aesthetic results you want. Stimulate the muscle in different ways, shock the system to promote growth.

Machines Are More Effective Than Free Weights 

The truth is that lifting free weights recreates natural movements that your body would normally be doing if you were doing body weight exercises. Free weights create more muscle activity compared to machines because weight machines isolate a muscle pushing your body into a single range of motion. Also free weights engage more smaller muscles groups that normally would not engage if you were doing a fixed lift on a machine. For example, free weight squats in the squat rack are more effective than smith machine squats because you are not fixated to a machine and it allows the full quad muscle to become active. Free weight squats are more natural to your body and will provide better strength and muscle growth results.

It’s Best To Work One Muscle Group A Day

If you are a bodybuilder than training a single muscle group a day with a variety of exercises will be very effective at helping you reach your goal. But for the average Joe in the gym looking to build up there physique a little more, circuit training would be a better option. However training with one muscle group a day can produce great results as well. The truth behind this myth is that if you choose compound exercises that engage more than one muscle group at a time, such as dead lifts, squats, and pull-ups it will give you a shorter more benefiting workout.

Muscle Turns Into Fat If You Stop Lifting

The truth is that muscle won’t turn into body fat if you stop training. Muscle actually helps you burn fat. The more muscle composition your body is made up of the easier it is for your body to burn fat. Body fat cells are a separate cell in your body compared to muscle tissue. One cell cannot change into another. If you stopped training and eat fast food every day all day, than yes it would create the illusion that your muscle is turning into fat. However what is actually happening is your muscle tissue is shrinking because your body doesn’t require the excess muscle from training and your body fat cells get bigger because of the increased food intake and lack of exercise.

Lifting Weights Will Make You Bulk Up

The truth with this myth is if you are eating proper nutritional foods and lifting weights you will develop a leaner physique. Most of the time when someone bulks up after engaging in weight lifting for some time its because their daily calorie intake is higher than the amount they are burning off in the gym. Most people who begin weight-training tend to eat more because their appetite increases. This is due to the body needing more calories to repair and grow. However in order to build muscle you must be eating a more calories than you are burning off – this is where the terms off season or bulking comes into picture.

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