3 Bicep Exercises You Need To Be Doing

3 Bicep Exercises You Need To Be Doing!

Everyone wants bigger biceps.

Bigger bicep peaks creates a better front double bicep pose.

Some exercises work more effective than other when building the bicep muscle group.

If your struggling or confused as to which exercises will maximize you bicep growth than you’ve come to the right place.

In this post we share a video where Bradley Martyn breaks down three key bicep exercises that you need to be doing in order for your biceps to grow.

These three exercises will stimulate the bicep muscle enough to promote hypertrophy.

See below:

#1 Incline Dumbbell Curls

This is a great exercise at getting the full range of movement when working the bicep .

#2 Standing Straight Barbell Curls

This exercise helps add volume to your bicep workout allowing you to stimulate your bicep with more weight for a small sacrifice in form.

#3 Burn-out With Band Bicep Curls

Following standing barbell curls, burn-out with elastic band curls. This will help blood flow to the muscle and is a great exercise to add as a finisher to your bicep workout.

For a more in depth explaination of these exercises see Bradley Martyn’s video below –

See Bradley Martyn’s YouTube Channel linked here

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