Powerlifter VS Bodybuilder

WATCH: Strength Wars, Powerlifter VS Bodybuilder

June 16, 2017 Never Fear Failure 0

WATCH: Strength Wars, Powerlifter VS Bodybuilder! Watch as a powerlifter faces off against a bodybuilder in the most recent competition in Strength Wars. Powerlifter known as “The Faceless” gets challenged by Bodybuilder Phil Bane in the STRENGTH WARS! The face of in the following exercises: BENCH PRESS 170kg / 374lbs 10 reps PRESS BEHIND NECK 100kg / 220lbs 15 reps 40

Bodybuilder Battles

Bodybuilder Battles A Strongman In A Strength Competition

September 14, 2016 Never Fear Failure 1

Bodybuilder Battles A Strongman In A Strength Competition! A bodybuilder battles a strongman: Bodybuilder Pavel Beran challenges Strongman Puniman in the latest episode of STRENGTH WARS! Most people would think that a strongman has a lot more strength than a bodybuilder and would out-lift a bodybuilder in a strength competition. Well lets just say that things get interesting between the two 40

A Bodybuilder Smokes 4 Power-lifter’s In A Dead-lifting Session!

November 2, 2015 Never Fear Failure 0

Bodybuilding and power lifting are two competitive sports that involve intense training in order to produce beneficial results. Power-lifting is a weightlifting sport where contestants attempt to lift weight in three key exercises – Bench press, Squats, and Dead-lift’s. While bodybuilding is about training individual muscle groups with a range of exercises to promote maximal growth. Bodybuilders look for size 40