New Exercise Program

6 Simple Tips For Starting a New Exercise Program

November 13, 2017 Reda 0

So you have decided to start exercising! Congratulations! This is your first step to a new and improved body and mind. Regular exercise is essential for a healthy life. Here are a few tips for starting a new exercise program and sticking to it. Consult Your Health Professional Before you begin a new exercise program, it is prudent that you 40

Rich Piana Autopsy Results Has Been Released

Rich Piana Autopsy Results Has Been Released

November 9, 2017 Reda 0

Six medical Examiner has done the Rich Piana autopsy, and the causes seems a bit mysterious. Following the autopsy report provided by Muckrock, this are some a few key details: Rich Piana Autopsy Results Ascites (accumulation of protein-containing fluid in the abdomen) Necrotic brain tissue (i.e. dead cells) An enlarged heart from a “significant heart disease” Mild coronary atherosclerosis (plaque 40

Anthony Joshua

How Does Anthony Joshua Combine Fitness and Physique?

November 9, 2017 Reda 0

Visually, Anthony Joshua is an absolute monster, at 6’6″ and 255lbs. The world heavyweight boxing champion is not just about aesthetics either, but skill, power, conditioning, and ringcraft. That’s what makes his imposing physique so impressive, the fact that he balances all the other aspects of his training whilst still maintaining his bulky look. Most boxers are exceptionally fit but they 40

Tracking Health Data Without An iPhone

Tracking Health Data Without An iPhone

November 6, 2017 Reda 0

Worldwide, 588 million people use one billion Apple devices, so this post definitely qualifies as the minority report. For the few and the proud, there are some ways you can get all the benefits of AppleHealth without owning an iPhone or messing with the app. The app promotes the idea that balance between the “flight or flight” sympathetic nervous system 40

Frank McGrath

Frank McGrath – Workout and Diet

November 3, 2017 Reda 2

Frank McGrath – Workout and Diet If you’re familiar with the supplement company Animal, you’ll be familiar with Frank ‘Wrath’ McGrath, whether you realize it or not. Frank is one of the main faces of Animal, and less than a decade or so ago, the black and white promotional images he appeared in for the company went viral, and became 40

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Reasons for Developing and Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle Choices

October 30, 2017 Reda 0

Reasons for Developing and Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle Choices! Even if the underlying rationale seems a bit shallow or questionable, at least in the eyes of some, there is no bad reason to exercise, because in this context, motivation is always a good thing. Actually, the reasons that people make healthy lifestyle choices every day are as diverse as the individuals 40

5 Ways To Power Your Fitness Routine

5 Ways To Power Your Fitness Routine with Technology

October 30, 2017 Reda 0

5 Ways To Power Your Fitness Routine with Technology! Leave the selfies and snap-chats to the kids, and use technology to power up your health and fitness routine instead. Whether you’re looking to make exercise a daily habit or train for your first 5K, technology makes it easy to get ideas, follow experts, and stay on track! 1. Get Inspired! 40

Benefits of Resistance Bands

Benefits of Resistance Bands

October 30, 2017 Reda 3

Benefits of Resistance Bands! When trying to build muscle and tone your body, it’s a good idea to add resistance bands to your regular workout. Resistance bands have all kinds of benefits and are relatively inexpensive. If you are struggling with Arthritis adding resistance band exercises can help alleviate joint pain. Another plus to adding resistance bands to your workout 40

Benefits Of Lunges For Women

Benefits Of Lunges For Women

October 30, 2017 Reda 2

Benefits Of Lunges For Women! Lunges – they look weird from afar, almost imitating a stationary stepping action. Most folks that don’t fully understand the benefit of lunges think that they’re only good for stretching, but in reality, lunges are the queen of exercises for women, and in this post, we’ll be showing you why. Whether your mission is to 40

Motivational Gym Quotes

36 Best Motivational Gym Quotes

October 25, 2017 Reda 0

Today, never fear failure brought you the top motivational gym quotes that you can find on all over the net. These are some inspired quotes from bodybuilders, celebrities, athletes, that can boost your mood. So here is our motivational gym quotes collection Top Motivational gym quotes So, If women with muscles look like a men. Men with no muscles look like 40