How To Get Shredded

5 Key Principles That Will Get You Shredded!

November 3, 2015 Never Fear Failure 3

5 Key Principles That Will Get You Shredded! In this post we will cover 5 key principles that you need to keep in mind when you start a new diet plan. You must follow all 5 of these principles in order to maximize your results in fat lose and preventing muscle breakdown. Remember to stay focused and stay on track, dieting isn’t 40

Vacuum Stomach Bodybuilder – The New Age Of Aesthetics

November 2, 2015 Never Fear Failure 0

Vacuum Stomach Bodybuilder – The New Age Of Aesthetics! Legendary bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane are inspirations for the 24 year old classic bodybuilding champion, Owen Powell.  Owen has perfected the vacuum stomach made famous by old school bodybuilders of the 80s. But that’s just one element of the overall aesthetics he’s working to achieve. Classic bodybuilding is a new 40

A Bodybuilder Smokes 4 Power-lifter’s In A Dead-lifting Session!

November 2, 2015 Never Fear Failure 0

Bodybuilding and power lifting are two competitive sports that involve intense training in order to produce beneficial results. Power-lifting is a weightlifting sport where contestants attempt to lift weight in three key exercises – Bench press, Squats, and Dead-lift’s. While bodybuilding is about training individual muscle groups with a range of exercises to promote maximal growth. Bodybuilders look for size 40

Best Halloween Costumes For Bodybuilders

October 31, 2015 Never Fear Failure 0

It’s almost Halloween and you still haven’t decided what costume you want to wear to that crazy party tonight – Well don’t worry bro science life  has your back. Whether your bulking or cutting Dom Mazzetti – the famous YouTuber from “brosceincelife” tells you what he thinks are the best Halloween costumes bodybuilders can wear to rock their hard earned muscles. 40

New Classic Physique Division In Bodybuilding

October 30, 2015 Never Fear Failure 0

The new Classic Physique Division in bodybuilding If your against those bloated gut mass monster bodybuilders and love the look of the classic physique than your in luck! The new classic physique division in the NPC will change the standard of bodybuilding. This division will allow athletes who have a smaller waist sizes and a more classic aesthetically pleasing physique 40

21 Year Old Bodybuilder Hassan Mostafa Is Huge!

October 29, 2015 Never Fear Failure 0

Hassan Mostafa 21 year old bodybuilder looks absolutely unreal in this photo of him. This guy is only 21 years old but still looks like he has been lifting for more than 10 years. This guy is a potential future Mr Olympia if he continues to grow and get a better shape. Watch a video of him below from 1 40

Michael Phelps Diet Challenge 12,000+ Calories

October 28, 2015 Never Fear Failure 0

The Michael Phelps diet challenge is a person trying to consume 12,000 calories in one sitting. Michael Phelps the most decorated Olympian in history has one crazy diet because he consumes 12,000 calories a day. The reason he needs to consume so much is because of the extensive training he puts his body through on a daily basis. Olympic swimming requires you to use 40

The Top 5 Benefits Of Vitamin D

October 28, 2015 Never Fear Failure 0

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because this vitamin is absorbed through your skin from the sun’s rays. However if you don’t get outside much you can supplement with this vitamin in pill form as well. Vitamin D’s main function is to promote and maintain strong and healthy bones. But this vitamin has more up its sleeve than most people may 40

3 Bicep Exercises You Need To Be Doing

October 28, 2015 Never Fear Failure 0

3 Bicep Exercises You Need To Be Doing! Everyone wants bigger biceps. Bigger bicep peaks creates a better front double bicep pose. Some exercises work more effective than other when building the bicep muscle group. If your struggling or confused as to which exercises will maximize you bicep growth than you’ve come to the right place. In this post we share 40

Amazing 800lb Deadlift For 8 Reps

October 27, 2015 Never Fear Failure 0

Amazing 800lb Deadlift For 8 Reps!! George Leeman is a power-lifter who’s recently found that his father may not be alive for much longer. He devoted his life to lifting weight as heavy as possible, in dedication to his dad. He currently holds the raw American dead-lifting record, and has over a decade in training experience with a resume of having successfully worked with 40