How to Choose Exercise Machines for HIIT Workouts

How to Choose Exercise Machines for HIIT Workouts

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) refers to a type of workout program characterized by periods of rest and bursts of activity.

It goes like this: You engage in a form of aerobic activity to get your heart rate up to a comfortable level, and then you increase the intensity of the workout to max for 30 seconds to a minute.

Afterward, you decrease the intensity to allow your heart rate to recover.

The HIIT method repeats these intervals of cardio bursts and recovery periods for 30 minutes to an hour.

The HIIT method has been gaining a lot of attention because research shows that this type of interval training burns more calories and sheds fat.

If you exercise at the same pace for more than 30 minutes, your body eventually gets used to it.

Your body is highly efficient at expending the least amount of energy per activity.

A HIIT workout is a sort of bypass around this biological fact.

There are several ways to conduct HIIT exercises, and yes, you can use the cardio machines at your gym.

But which machines are actually suitable for HIIT workouts?

Here are several suggestions for finding out:

Use a Self-Powered Machine

Doing HIIT workouts requires the ability to change your pace for relatively short periods of time.

You need to engage extremely and disengage right away.

If the exercise machine you are using has many buttons to press to increase or decrease speed, then that may not be suitable for HIIT.

The best machines for HIIT are self-powered, which means your movement determines how speedily the machine runs.

Then you don’t need to stop and change the program.

When you are in the high-intensity time interval, you won’t be able to look down and change buttons easily.

Use a Total Body Machine

If you want to burn more calories, then you need to engage all the major muscle groups in interval training.

Therefore, according to just not sports, use a machine that does use all major muscle groups, like the rowing machine or air bikes.

Treadmills are recommended too because there is some upper body movement.

The cycling machines where you are required to sit are not recommended for HIIT because these equipment focus only on either the lower or upper body at a given time.

Use a Machine with Wheels

HIIT workouts may require you to switch between machines.

This requires a lot of space. Do find machines with wheels for easy shifting in the gym for circuit workouts.

You may need to move the machines to ensure safety when performing HIIT workouts.

Air Resistance Increases Intensity

HIIT workouts are all about the intensity.

HIIT workouts without the aid of machines, such as outdoor running, tend to be better because of the air resistance outside.

But you can still recreate this air resistance indoors by using machines with fans in the front.

Some treadmills and stair-climbing machines have this feature.

It will make the workout a little bit more effective and you can stay cool as well.

If you want to burn calories faster and build muscle, try HIIT training. Don’t forget to use the machines mentioned above.

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