What Are You Really Eating? Fake Foods

What Are You Really Eating? Fake Foods

What Are You Really Eating? Fake Foods!

Certain foods that we eat on a daily basis might not be as real as we think they are.

The mix of ingredients that make up our food’s could be the culprit.

Take honey for example, almost 75% of honey products in the United States is not real pure honey.

The reason it’s not real honey is because it doesn’t contain any pollen which is a very important ingredient in making pure honey.

If the honey is not real honey than we don’t get the specific health benefits that we would get from eating it’s pure form.

Another example is how some steaks aren’t necessary all that real.

Some meat and butchering company’s sell steaks that contain meat from a variety of different cattle.

They do this by using a meat glue based substance to glue all of the chunks of left over meat together.

This glue is called transglutamine which is a very popular product int he food industry.

Think twice before you buy a cheaper steak from the grocery store.

For more information about fake foods check out the awesome video below:

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