How Many Macros Do You Need To Build Muscle

How Many Macros Do You Need To Build Muscle

How Many Macros Do You Need To Build Muscle – Made Simple!

When it comes to counting how many macro’s you need in order to build muscle there is no perfect starting point.

There are lots of wrong starting point’s however.

In this article we are going to give you lots of advice and information to help you make a better starting point for yourself and your diet.

By the end of this article we hope that you will have a very good estimation of your maintenance calorie’s as well as whether or not you want to bulk or cut.

How To Set Your Macros Up For A Cut

On a cutting diet you need to decrease the amount of macro’s you are eating in order to decrease your body fat.

Lets say for example you are an active male who weight trains on a weekly basis.

Your maintenance caloric intake is 3000 calorie’s a day.

You would want to drop your caloric intake by 500 calories and start doing cardio in your training session’s throughout the week.

This would give you 2500 daily calories to start with.

Once you have dropped your calorie’s in the day you can start to look at your macro’s

Cutting Diet Macros


For your protein intake it is recommended that you consume around 1.1 to 1.4 gram’s per every pound of body weight.

This number also heavily depends on multiple factors.

A higher gram per pound of body weight would be recommend more for people who are leaner to begin with and their training load.

Don’t get too caught up in these factors though.

For example if you weight 170 lb’s  and you want to find out how many gram’s of protein you should be eating throughout the day than you would do the following equation:

170 x 1.4 = 238 gram of protein a day.

Since there are 4 calorie’s per gram of protein and carbohydrates, you multiply 4 by the total grams of protein to get your caloric intake for protein.

4 x 238 = 952


For your daily fat intake it is recommend that you consume 15-25% of your total calorie’s intake to be fats.

If you take the majority of your fat calorie’s from the carbohydrate’s that you eat you can boost your gym performance as well.

So if you take 15% of  2500 daily calorie’s from the example we gave above that would give you

0.15 x 2500 = 375

375/9 = 41g

If you take 375 and divide it by 9 because there are 9 calorie’s in every 1 gram of fat you will get 41 grams of fat at the low range of 15%.

If you do the higher range of 25% you will get:

0.25 x 2500 = 625

625/9 = 69 gram’s of fat a day at the higher range.

If you maintenance cutting caloric range is set to 2500 calories a day you can pretty much choose anywhere between 41 grams of fat to 69 gram’s of fat a day.


Once you have figured out the fat and protein daily macro intake than its pretty much filling in the gap.

To figure out your carbohydrate intake you take your maintenance caloric intake (in this we are going to use the example 2500 again) and subtract the calorie’s from the fat’s and protein.

2500 – 375 – 952 = 1173

Then you take 1173 and divide it by 4 because there are 4 calorie’s in every 1 gram of carbohydrate.

This gives you the gram of carb’s you need daily:

1173/4 = 293 grams of carbohydrates a day.

Recap of cutting macros for a maintenance of 2500 calories a day:

Fats 41g
Proteins 238g
Carbs 293g

The above chart would be your starting point.

If you are losing to much weight to fat than you can just bump of your carbohydrate’s a bit to slow down the rate you are losing fat.

You don’t want to lose weight too fast because that puts you at a risk of decreasing your muscle mass.

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