What Happens If You Eat Too Many Carbs?

Eat Too Many Carbs

What Happens If You Eat Too Many Carbs?

We all know the feeling you get after eating a large bowl of pasta.

Your stomach swells up and you feel like you just gained 10 pounds.

Surprisingly carbohydrates are a very important fuel source for your body.

Without them it would be hard to have any energy throughout the day.

Even though there are risks to consuming no carbs at all, there are also risks to consuming too much!

See the article below where we talk about what could happen if you eat too many carbs.

You Will Gain Body Fat

Sorry to say this but “yes” if you consume too many carbs than you will gain body fat.

This isn’t all that bad though when it comes to building muscle that is.

You need to be eating lots of calories throughout the day in order to spark muscle growth.

Carbohydrates just happen to have a lot of calories in them.

Just don’t make the mistake of eating bad quality carbs in order to build muscle.

Some studies even show that people who are consuming to many carbs and ones from processed foods will result in your waistline getting bigger.

Just remember that if you are consuming way more carbs than your body is using for energy than don’t be surprised if you put on some body fat.

Eating To Many Carbs Can Leave You With:

Stomach Pain

Carbs can cause a build-up of gas in the digestive tract.

If you consume too many carbs than don’t be surprised if you begin to feel gassy later on.

With excess gas in the digestive tract you will also feel bloated and very uncomfortable.

If you are a person who is very sensitive to carbs than you might feel more stomach pains than another people.


Some simple carbs like sodas and fruits will give you a quick energy boost right after eating them.

However, an hour or two later you will feel very fatigued.

This is caused by a crash in energy levels.

The reason for this is due to the simple carbs causing a peak in energy after being digested.

Following the high energy boost you will being to experience a lower one leaving you tired.

We recommend choosing slower digestive carbs because they provide steady longer-lasting energy.

Higher Cholesterol

Eating to many processed foods and sugars will cause your cholesterol levels to sky rocket.

When your cholesterol levels rise this means your blood cannot move around the body very effectively.

Blood needs to get to your organs so they can function optimally.

This puts you at a higher risk of having a stroke or a heart attack.

Consuming the Right Carbs

Have you ever heard of the term “eat clean”?

Well eating clean essential means, eat better quality foods.

So stay away from processed foods and sugars because they will only cause you health problems.

Clean foods are foods that benefit the body in a healthy way.

Foods like brown rice or sweet potatoes are consider healthy foods because they provide the body with awesome nutrients.

Balancing the right foods give you more energy and won’t leave you feeling tired or sluggish.

For example:

Instead of consuming a sugary simple carbohydrate before a workout to give you a quick energy boost try to eat a complex carbohydrate.

This way it will give you a longer lasting energy that can actually boost your testosterone levels.

It has been shown that high-quality carbs when consumed in the right quantities can help to boost your testosterone levels aiding in muscle growth.

Also try to consume more of your carbs around you workouts and avoid eating more around the night.

We say this because as you begin to get ready for bed your body is not using as much energy, so it begins storing carbs as fat for energy later on.

Insulin resistance

To many carbs can cause you body to become insulin resistant.

What this means is that your body won’t be able to effective use carbs and sugars as energy.

Insulin resistance inhabits your leydic cells.

These cells are responsible for producing testosterone in your testicles.

You want to have as much free flowing testosterone in your body as possible because it is crucial in building muscle.

Don’t cut yourself short on your natural testosterone because of over indulgent in carbohydrates.

Sugar Is An Enemy

Not only does sugar cause you to gain body fat but it can also lower you testosterone level.

Studies have shown that sugar intake can directly effect testosterone levels because of the insulin boost caused by eating sugar.

When blood sugar levels increase in the body so does the hormone insulin.

Lower testosterone levels put you at a greater risk of accumulating body fat.

Try to stay away from refined carbs like candy, pretzels, pasta, white race and cakes.


Choosing the right carbohydrate sources is very important in keeping body fat off of your physique.

Eating too many carbs can leave you feeling tired and bloated all day.

To avoid the negative effects of eating to many carbs try to eat a small helpings of carbs during the active hours of the day.

This will ensure that your body has enough time to digest them and they will be used for energy use.

Testosterone is key in building muscle and burning fat, so don’t limit yourself by eating bad carbs to decrease this hormone within your body.

There are always healthy carbohydrate sources you can choose from.

Some clean picks that we recommend are oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and even chick peas.

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