Female Math Teacher Bench Presses Heavy Weight

Female Math Teacher Bench Presses Heavy Weight

Female Math Teacher Bench Presses Heavy Weight!

It looks like there is more than meets the eye when it comes to math teachers.

One math teacher who is also a football coach can lift some pretty serious weight.

Her name is Jennifer Thompson, and she is one teacher who has bench pressed 325 pounds.

She made this incredible lift in front of the Liberty University Football team without even breaking a sweat.

Thompson only weights 132 lbs and stands 5’5”.

She has a medium build physique and her first attempt at 325 lb bench press she killed it!

Check out the video below:

Thompson says that this is all possible because of the “eat, sleep, lift”.

“One of my life’s proudest moment was when I was able to bench press 325 lbs. with just a 132 lb. body weight. I have been in practice for this for years and it was perhaps the Highest Wilks Co-Efficient in History for Men or Women. I did it at the Arnold Classic and this is a phenomenal event. The entire crowd and my family were watching me and it still gives me goosebumps whenever I think about it.”

Thompson is a 43-year-old a mother of two and high school mathematics teacher.

She likes to compete in the odd powerlifting competition from time to time.

Some of her professional stats are a 550 lb squat and has held 515 lb’s over her chest for a solid 10 seconds!

In the video below you can witness her do a 555 lb squat with a** to grass form:

And for some more video evidence you can witness her holding 515 lb’s over her chest.

It looks pretty dangerous.

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