Bradley Martyn’s Incredible 5 Year Transformation

Bradley Martyn’s Incredible 5 Year Transformation

Bradley Martyn’s Incredible 5 Year Transformation!

Bradley Martyn is a bodybuilder who has an incredible aesthetic look to his physique.

His physique almost looks near identical to Arnold Schwarzenegger during his prime years.

Bradley has been known to post funny  and educational videos related to bodybuilding and fitness.

He is also known for posting a video squatting on a hover board which can be very dangerous but he was successful.

The Transformation!

Bradley’s physique makes him an absolute aesthetic beast!

However he never use to look how he does know.

Before he was in really good shape but not as thick as he is know.

Bradley Martyn 5 years ago:


Bradley even did a men’s physique competition.

You can tell he is in really good shape but the amount of muscle mass he has put on know is amazing.


Approximately 5 years later this is Bradley Martyn now:


He has gained a lot of muscle mass!

Lots of people would love to look like Bradley did back in 2011.

But Bradley clearly wasn’t satisfied with his physique back than, he needed to get bigger and better.

It took him a lot of hard work and dedication to transform his body to where it is know.

It is not confirmed whether or not he has used performance enhancing drugs.

But the aim of this post is to demonstrate that everyone starts somewhere.

And that one day you never know people might look up to you just like they look up to Bradley.


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