Is Laying Off Nearly 90 Employees! Is Laying Off Nearly 90 Employees Is Laying Off Nearly 90 Employees! is one of the biggest websites in the industry.

It was launched in 1999 where is quickly became the go to source for anything related to bodybuilding.

The website provides:

  •  A supplement store where people can purchase supplements to aid in there training and nutrition.
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Are Employees At In Trouble?

According to a recent new report from KBTV news, it was announced on 1st December 2016 that is laying off 15% of their total number of employees.

It was reported that some employees are heart broken from the lay-off as it is so close to Christmas time.

There is also speculation that there could be more lay-offs in the near future.

Because of this speculation employees could be in trouble. made a comment back to KBTV News regarding the lay-offs. Is Laying Off Nearly 90 Employees

In the news report a former employee who had been laid-off spoke out on the matter: Is Laying Off Nearly 90 Employees

Mike Coughley (former employee of’s legal compliance department said:

Some people were crying, and some people that didn’t get laid off were crying because they will miss other people, but I’m not angry at all,” he said. “It’s just one of those things that happens in the business world.”

This is very shocking to people who are familiar to

It comes as a very shocking and stressful life change to those who were laid-off, especially before the holidays.

See another new report below:

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