Bodybuilder Battles A Strongman In A Strength Competition

Bodybuilder Battles

Bodybuilder Battles A Strongman In A Strength Competition!

A bodybuilder battles a strongman: Bodybuilder Pavel Beran challenges Strongman Puniman in the latest episode of STRENGTH WARS!

Most people would think that a strongman has a lot more strength than a bodybuilder and would out-lift a bodybuilder in a strength competition.

Well lets just say that things get interesting between the two during a competitive strength match. Both of them are strong and you will see this when you watch the video below.

Bodybuilders tend to have a slight advantage when it comes to muscular endurance because most of them use high rep ranges when training. A bodybuilder will typically keep their rep ranges between 10-12 reps while completing 4-5 sets of an exercise.

Power-lifters and strongman build their training around strength and power. They typically keep their rep ranges around 6 reps but have 6-7 sets of an exercise. Strongman also use unique pieces of equipment such as atlas stones and sled pulls.

If you’ve ever wanted to see the two face off in a battle of strength see the below:

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