How Big Can You Get Without Steroids?

How Big Can You Get Without Steroids

How Big Can You Get Without Steroids?

Almost every lifter wants to know the maximum size you can achieve your physique on a natural level. It’s the big question of “How big can I get without the use of dangerous steroids?”

It’s clear in this day and age that steroids are in the sport of bodybuilding and also exist across other sports as well. But that doesn’t mean everyone who competes in the sport uses them. A “Natural Athlete” is an athlete who has not used performance enhancing drugs to better their physique. These performance enhancing drugs are known as steroids.

But what about when it comes down to supplements such as creatine or pre-workouts which can also enhance your performance to some degree – but not as much as steroids, can these supplements take away your natural status?

What is the line between being a natural athlete and not being a natural athlete?

The reason these questions are so tricky and don’t have a solid answer is due to the fact everyone’s body is different. Everyone has different genetics that make up different body types. Some people might achieve a larger look naturally based on having stronger genetics. You could look back at the bodybuilders who first started in the sports early development and judge their physiques on a natural level because steroids and supplements may not have been a necessity in the sport at that time.

Because this question is so in depth we have linked a video below to help explain what you could achieve on a natural level.

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