The Difference Between Body Types

Body Types

The Difference Between Body Types

Narrow vs Wide

This picture depicts the difference between body’s with a narrow torso and a wide torso. Wider torso body types are able to build more thickness in there chest muscles and shoulder muscle. However narrow torso body types have more predominate core muscles.



Core Insertions

This picture depicts the different core insertions based on your genetic make up.




Long bicep/short tricep vs. short bicep/long tricep

This picture shows the difference between a long head bicep muscle and a short head bicep muscle. Shorter bicep heads produce more of a bicep peak. Long bicep heads produce thickness and size.



Sleek vs Chunky

This image depicts the difference between an Ectomorph and an Endomorph.


Calves Comparison

This image shows the comparison of different types of calves muscles you could have based on genetics.


Another Narrow vs Wide Back Comparison

This image shows how certain body types have larger lat muscle bellies than other allowing the individual to put on more muscle in certain area’s than other.


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