6 Survival Tips On How To Survive Gym Newbies And New Years Resolutioners

6 Survival Tips On How To Survive Gym Newbies And New Years Resolutioners

6 Survival Tips On How To Survive Gym Newbies And New Years Resolutioners

Yup you guessed it, it’s that time of year again… gyms are packed with new years resolutioners that are going to make your life miserable for the next 1-2 month. There are some survival tips you can follow to make gym time less miserable this time of year. See the 6 tips below!

#1 Keep Yourself In Perspective

Don’t let all of the new year resolutioner’s coming to the gym effect your perspective on your training. Keep doing what you doing to reach your goals and always become the best you can be.

#2 Try Going To The Gym At A Different Time

Most of the new comers going to the gym will train a specific times of the day, preferably when gym’s usually get the busiest. Gym’s tend to get busy around 4pm to 5pm on a regular week day, Monday being the worst at those times. So if you regularly go to the gym around those times maybe think of training a little earlier or later in the day to avoid the crowds. Ps. (Training early in the morning on an empty stomach can help burn body-fat if you are trying to lose weight).

#3 Switch Up Your Routine

If your one of those guys who trains chest on Mondays, maybe its a good time to switch it up (Maybe with legs on Monday). The majority of the new lifters going to the gym will more than likely follow the typical chest Monday workout, back Tuesday, and so on…Take advantage and change things up, sometimes its good to confuse your body on which muscle group is being trained next, if you’ve been on the same routine for a long time.

#4 Take Your Training Outside

If you are a cardio junkie and you love to run on the treadmill, try taking your cardio outside of the gym put some headphones in and go for a jog – become one with nature.

#5 Take Some Time Off

If you’ve been training every single day consistently for the past month to 2 months maybe its time to let your body and mind rest and recover a bit. Taking some time off from the gym will help you in the long run, when you get back at it your body will feel refreshed and you may actually feel stronger than before.

#6 Refer To Tip #1

Always remember that it will pass. Most of the new year resolutioner’s will be gone and out of the gym after a month. Keep yourself in perspective!

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