Guy Transforms From Skinny Geek To A Man Named “Nightmare”

Guy Transforms From Skinny Geek

Guy Transforms From Skinny Geek To A Man Named “Nightmare”

This is one guy you don’t want to mess with.

His name is Martyn Ford and he was was just your “average” guy growing up.

He was 6ft 8″ tall and lanky – but all skin and bones.

However he decided he wanted a change.


Martyn transformed from small and skinny to a huge monster.

He found his passion though bodybuilding and fitness, and now he weighs a monstrous 323lbs… oh and he also owns his own gym.

Martyn was asked to play a role in the most recent edition of combat films called “The Undisputed 4“.

As well as a character named “Koshmar” who is alongside English martial arts actor, Scott Adkins.

The name character name ‘Koshmar” means “Nightmare

Just to get an idea of how monstrous Ford is, here are a few pictures of him beside other people.

body2 body5

Body6 Body7

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