5 Key Principles That Will Get You Shredded!

How To Get Shredded

5 Key Principles That Will Get You Shredded!

In this post we will cover 5 key principles that you need to keep in mind when you start a new diet plan. You must follow all 5 of these principles in order to maximize your results in fat lose and preventing muscle breakdown. Remember to stay focused and stay on track, dieting isn’t easy but in the long run – the results are worth the suffering.

#1 Calories Are The Most Important Tipping Point

There are a bunch of tricks you can use to help burn more body fat but the key above all other is to create a calorie deficit to kick start your body into using body fat as energy. The only way to do this is to eat less calories than you normally would in the day. You would want to restrict calories from dietary fats, carbs or the combination of the two.

#2 Protein Intake Needs To Rise During Dieting

It is extremely important that you keep your protein intake high when you are restricting calories in order to preserve muscle. When you remove excess calories from fat and carbs your body begins to burn small amounts of amino acids. In order to protect your muscle mass from being burned as energy instead of body fat, eat more protein.

#3 A Weekly Approach To Calorie Restriction 

Most bodybuilders and athletes take the conventional approach of eating fewer calories daily in order to shred body fat. But on average if you eat fewer calories over a seven-day period this will allow you to have a few days of normal calories intake. For example, by eating fewer calories for a couple days, followed by a few days of very strict calories restriction this will allow you eat pretty much what you were eating before you began your diet for a few days following and still burn body fat.


#4 Don’t Crash Diet: This Leads Nowhere

If you restrict to many calories too fast your body tries to hold on to the energy by slowing down your metabolism. A fast metabolism is important in burning body fat because it is the calories burning mechanism that reduced fat cells in the body. Try to decrease your caloric intake by 200-400 calories a day for a total of 1,400-2,800 every week. This will help keep your metabolism stable.

#5 Shock The Regimen 

Every diet causes a slowing of the metabolism and you will eventually hit a period where you won’t be losing fat anymore. In order to kick start your body eat anything you want rich in carbs and protein for a couple days. This will kick up your thyroid hormones which regulates body-weight and energy levels.

If you are looking for fat burning supplements  to include in your diet see the article “Which Fat Burners Work?” to find out which fat burner works for you.



  1. The initial step was my eating regimen. 75-80% of what I did was work on my eating routine arrangement. There are such a variety of various alleged health improvement plans out there and a considerable measure of them do work. YES! I said they do work BUT it is an impermanent fix to achievement. Once off the eating regimen you put on the weight you lost in addition to a few.

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