New Classic Physique Division In Bodybuilding

The new Classic Physique Division in bodybuilding

If your against those bloated gut mass monster bodybuilders and love the look of the classic physique than your in luck!

The new classic physique division in the NPC will change the standard of bodybuilding. This division will allow athletes who have a smaller waist sizes and a more classic aesthetically pleasing physique to compete against one another. Rich Piana, goes over this very well by explaining how now there won’t just be a single division for bodybuilding with mass monsters but another division with athletes who look comparable to athletes back in Arnold’s day of bodybuilding giving the sport a wider spectrum¬†on physique classes.


Mass Monster Bodybuilding vs. The Classic Physique Era

Below is a video of Rich Piana giving his explanation of the new Classic Physique division in bodybuilding.

For more on the Classic Physique division NPC added to there entry list see NPCNewsOnline

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