Bodybuilder Frank McGrath Shows Off His Jaw Dropping Vascularity

Bodybuilder Frank McGrath Shows Off His Jaw Dropping Vascularity.

Vascularity has always been a must have feature for a lot of bodybuilders and it can make a physique look indescribable. When you train blood flows to your targeted muscle group pushing your veins towards your skin creating a vascular look. The leaner you are the more of a vascular effect there will be to your physique.

The vein popping appearance of professional bodybuilder Frank McGrath is on a whole other level. Frank McGrath has always been know for his astonishing vascularity and paper thin skin when preparing for show. Vascularity can give you that ‘edge’ over the competition on stage by turning a good physique into a great physique. If have two competitors who are the same height, weight and body fat percentage next to each other except one has protruding vascularity and the other does not – you would without a doubt assume the vascular guy is a lot leaner.

See Frank McGraths amazing vascularity and paper thin skin in the video below!

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