7 Major Nutrition Mistakes that Bodybuilders Make

Nutrition Mistakes

7 Major Nutrition Mistakes that Bodybuilders Make

If you want to be a bodybuilder and you can train your ass off in the gym ! Don’t forget these 7 common mistakes that bodybuilders make.First of all keep in mind that a good diet is crucial to build up an impressive physique, and the majority of the professional bodybuilders have mastered dieting to the extreme.

Here are the 7 Major Nutrition Mistakes Bodybuilders Make:

Not Enough Protein

With all of the protein supplements out there, it is surprising that┬ásome people still aren’t getting in the required amount of daily protein. Bodybuilders should aim for 1 -1.5 grams per pound of their lean body mass and the rest of their┬ácalories coming from carbohydrates and fats. Remember protein is the single most important nutrient there is when it comes to building muscle.

Too Much Food

As you may have heard before, eating a calorie surplus is necessary for building muscle. However eating too much of a surplus or eating the wrong foods will most definitely lead to addition fat gain. In order to have a great physique you need to build muscle and loose fat, counting your calories is crucial when it comes to making sure you are only consuming a small calorie surplus. If your weight increases 2-3 pounds a week, chances are you are eating too much and are actually putting on body fat. If every bulk you do provides you with 50% muscle gain and 50% fat gain you are setting yourself up for a long excruciating cut which will result in some muscle loss.

Not Enough Food

As a bodybuilder you must put a lot of attention into the details of your diet. If you don’t eat enough food or right foods than you wont put on muscle. If you are cutting down body fat and you don’t eat enough food than you are going to lose the muscle mass you worked so hard to obtain. You must monitor what you daily calorie consumption, weight changes, and other body measurements to determine if you body is progressing the way you want.

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