5 Weightlifters With Classic Physiques

Classic Physiques

New school vs Old School Physiques – 5 Weightlifters With Classic Physiques

The modern day bodybuilding physiques differ greatly in proportion compared to the older classic physique look. Famous athletes such as Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Dwayne Johnson all have class physiques.

Classic physiques are proportioned in a way were the waist is tight and narrow but the width of the lats brings a V shaped appearance to the body. Modern day bodybuilders and professional Olympia competitors  don’t have that classic look to their body’s due to the bloated proportion of their guts and their incredibly large muscle belly’s especially on the abdominal’s.

Whether your into the modern day physiques or the old classic physiques – below we compare present day athletes who have similar physiques to older athletes and some of them are pretty close in comparison.

Sadik Hadzovic/Frank Zane


Brett Azar/Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger/Calum Von Moger


Flex Lewis/Danny Padilla


Rocky Johnson/Dwayne Johnson 


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